Thomas is your average graphic designer turned wanna-be entrepreneur. He's fond of jumping and building a parachute on the way down. He's currently working on a cruiseship.


Gary is an ex-history teacher turned strategy manager in Thomas's new business venture. He's currently trapped on a cruiseship near Mexico. I know, poor guy, huh?


Michele is a graphic designer and the owner of Hugo and Harley, as well as, the design liason between Thomas and Role the World cruiselines when she's not creating cosplay videos for Youtube.

Robot Friday

Robot Friday is a magic radio alarm clock possessed by the souls of two ancient Chinese warriors locked in eternal battle. Robot Friday is fond of contemporary soft rock and gets cranky when dialed to anything else.


Hugo is Micheleís pet cat who has a lot of time on his hands and an inqusitive nature. Hugo spends a lot of his time inside his own head and imagination. His disdain for attention is rivaled only by his hatred of wearing Kitty Klothes.


Harley was once, long ago, a high ranking faerie in the Cupidlluminate. Until he, himself, feel in love. But his archenemy, Kandi Hartz, drove him to choose life as a mortal Chihuahua and seek revenge as Crankus Destroyer of Love!


Karen is a graphic designer that got filthy rich. She is majority owner of The Loupe, a print and cocoa concept shop aboard a line of world class cruiseships. She's currelty on a boat near Alaska with Thomas.


Wesley is a guy that's lost it all, got lucky and inherited a fortune and then went crazy. He's now a silent partner with Thomas and Karen onboard an Alaskan cruise and watching the Northern Lights.

Art Guy

Art Guy is a graphic designer with Michele at Role the World, the only role playing cruiseline. He REALLY loves Star Wars.

Thomas has been a graphic designer for 20 years and owes much of his cartooning style and work flow to the profession.

In 2009, while working fulltime as a freelancer, Thomas created Robot Friday which currently boasts over 600 archived and ongoing strips.

You can see more of Thomasís work at his portfolio website,

Comic Strip Archives.........................9
Robot Friday Comic Shop...................11
Robot Friday Sketchcast...................14
Dorkclub Podcast...............................13
Clemmons Art & Design....................10
Green: Wicked Wicked Ways............3

Lubbock Comic Con
Feb 23 & 24, 2019

Yellow City Comic Con
May 10, 11 & 12, 2019

Robot Friday is about the every day adventures of a group of artists, thier talking pets and a magic singing robot named Friday.